"I'd Like To Have An In-Home Session. How do I Prepare For It?"

Here are a few bits and pieces to mull over before I arrive:

 It would be super helpful to have the home in a neat/tidy state (for example: clothes + things put away in their spots). 

 A clean bed spread in the master bedroom;

Hiding electronic chords;

Straitening picture frames;

If you're a green thumb to show off your indoor plants or flowers;

Showing off your pretty throw rugs or cushions among your furniture;

If you have children, I would love it if you could please bring out one of their favourite picture books (something we can possibly incorporate into your lifestyle session).

"what actually happens when you rock up at our home?"

Say hello! After a little chat, I tend to have a little look through your home for the best places with pretty light. I might move around some furniture and remove any distractions from what will show in the background of your images, such as clothes, ornaments, etc. After that, we'll get to the best thing... photographing you and your loved one/s!

"we would like to have an outdoor session, but we don't know where to look?"

Lucky for you, I have lots of lovely locations up my sleeve. Depending on where you live, I will give you three or four options to pick from with a link to what each location looks like. Easy peasy! 

"when should a maternity and newborn lifestyle session take place?" 

For a Maternity Lifestyle Session, I would suggest anywhere between 33-36 weeks of pregnancy. For a Newborn Lifestyle Session, I suggest anywhere from 5-12 days.  

"we're a bit awkward in front of the camera. what can you do to help us?"

No need to worry. Lifestyle sessions create a relaxed and intimate environment, where you can just be yourselves. The main purpose of the session is to capture the essence of your family bond. If you feel you need help, I will be happy to gently guide you into sweet, loving interactions with eachother. But if I see you're naturally doing so instinctively, I will quietly get behind my camera and do my thing. You may even forget I'm there! Honestly, you will have the most lovely, fun-filled time together. 

"I Don't Know What To Wear, OR, what to pick for mY family to wear?"

If you are looking for outfit inspiration for your family, please have a look at the links I have provided via Pinterest. These Pinterest Boards cover a range of suggestions for Women (including Maternity), Men, Girls (including toddlers and babies) and Boys (including toddlers and babies) outfits. All the boards share a variety of options that could concur with your wardrobe.  As long as there is a nice flow to your outfits and you feel comfortable, that's all that matters! The only things I would try to avoid are being too matchy matchy with eachother (for example, all wearing matching white tops and jeans), as well as wearing outfits with logos, branding, tags, etc. 

Outfit Inspiration for Women: 


 * A Note For Pregnant Mummas: If you are a pregnant mum and would love to wear something a little bit special, I highly suggest Mama Rentals: www.mamarentals.com.au

You will receive 15% off your rental gown when you mention you’re having a Lifestyle Session with Catherine Elise Photography. They have the most gorgeous range of flowy/boho style dresses and gowns that are PERFECT for your Maternity Lifestyle Session. Even if you’re not pregnant, you can still get away with these gowns as they are extremely suitable for the shoot.

Outfit inspiration for men: 



Outfit Inspiration for Boys:



outfit Inspiration for girls:





when will we receive our lifestyle Collection?

You will receive your web-sized images 4-6 weeks after your Lifestyle Session.

Your USB and prints will arrive 6-8 weeks after your Lifestyle Session.

"we're ready to book. what do we do now?"

Yay! Click below!  It will be wonderful to hear from you!